Exploring the city of Denver, plus finding wonderful cannabis

If I knew I was going to have to spend so long in the Denver airport I would have just made my vacation plans here instead of flying across the country! My stop in Denver was supposed to be a two-hour layover, which is normal for most long airline trips. I am not sure what happened that day, but my flight was grounded, plus soon after all the planes in Denver were ordered to stay in location through the night. I had no intention of spending a full night in an airport, no matter how scrub it was, so I caught a taxi plus went into Denver to explore the city. I have always heard good things about Denver, CO, not the least of which is their multitude of legal cannabis dispensaries. I found a dispensary that had a smokers lounge, plus then sat down to get high for a while plus learn a map of Denver, however one of the budtenders saw me, plus offered to supply me some advice on the best locations to stay in Denver, plus the coolest sights to see, and he was quite handsome, plus I was glad to have his help, then my good friend and I ended up chatting for a long while, plus then he offered to supply me a personal tour of downtown Denver. His name is George, plus I didn’t need to rent a room that night because my friend and I walked through the quiet streets of Denver until the sun came up over the majestic mountains. It was supposed to be a quick layover in Denver, plus yet it changed my whole life.

Dispensary Denver CO