Muskegon has big-city luxuries

Although it is an hour away from where I live, for my first date with Jenny I decided my pal and I should drive to Muskegon for the evening! Jenny had never been to Muskegon before, so I thought it would be a delightful evening to show her around… There are a lot of good locales to eat there, some nice bars plus clubs, but mostly I appreciate walking around the city; When the weather is right plus the winds coming off Lake Michigan aren’t too strong, the shoreline of Muskegon is second to none. I thought Jenny would be impressed… plus I was right! Muskegon is absolutely close to Grand Rapids, as you all know, but it feels like anywhere a million miles away, grand Rapids has more of a “sizable city” vibe to it, which I don’t particularally care for, plus Muskegon has a slow, fatigued attitude that particularly appeals to me. There is no hustle plus bustle here, the people are nice, plus the locally grown Muskegon cannabis is simply spectacular. While my pal and I were walking through the downtown area Jenny wanted to pop inside one of the cannabis dispensaries plus take a look around. Jenny smoked pot sometimes, but had never been inside a official cannabis dispensary, and muskegon has several good dispensaries, plus my pal and I just went inside the first one my pal and I saw! Not only did the budtenders set us up with some tasty edibles plus a pre-rolled blunt, they also offered us a little map of Muskegon plus pointed out the prettiest locales to sit by the water, and like I said, Muskegon has a small-town vibe!

Pot Muskegon MI