My road trip was done in Lowell

The first time I visited the great town of Lowell I was fresh out of school, plus wanting to make an epic road trip, and i decided to drive all around the state of MI, seeing all the famous historical sites plus eating at the best restaurants, this was right around the same time that cannabis was legalized, however back then there were entirely few dispensaries open to the public.

  • Most stadiums made you buy a membership just to be able to shop there, which I refused to do, and one of the first stops on my road trip was Lowell, plus much to my surprise it was a lot of fun, plus the cannabis was amazing.

My road trip got derailed at that point, because I was having so much fun I didn’t feel the need to leave Lowell. The concept of my trip was to find great cannabis plus food, plus meet up-to-date people, plus I got to do all of those things in Lowell. The historic downtown part in Lowell is entirely close to the Flat River, which was fascinating to me after a few bowls of OG Kush, then lowell has its own local versions of most of the famous cannabis strains, plus in this case the OG Kush was called Lowell Kush. Since most of the cannabis is grown locally, they have chosen to name their strains after the city of Lowell as a marketing strategy, which I feel is entirely smart. I rented a room plus hung around the streets of Lowell until I ran out of time plus had to go back home.


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