An addition and more HVAC for Massachusetts home

I have been looking into doing an addition for my Massachusetts home.

My husband and I just need more space.

We figured out we can keep our current set up with each of us having our own office and a bedroom. There is one room left for our baby. We know we want at least two kids. It would be nice to have the laundry inside the house. I want an addition that adds two bedrooms and one more bathroom. It will cost a lot but be totally worth it. The con is that our current HVAC unit wouldn’t be able to handle that demand however. So not only would we need to shell out the money for an addition, we would need to talk to an electrician, plumber and a Massachusetts HVAC contractor too. Right now we own a central HVAC system. It uses ductwork to stretch from room to room to achieve the whole home temperature. It makes sense to attach onto that unit. However, we would need a larger unit and adding ductwork seems like a pain. My husband says we should just be all ductless HVAC. Get multiple indoor air handlers and thermostats. Every room gets one for zone control capability. That way ductwork isn’t a factor and everyone can be comfortable. Zone control also saves money in the process since you don’t need to provide heating and AC for unused rooms. I know our new laundry room would hardly need any HVAC. Until we have the kids, the spare rooms won’t get used either.


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