New Indiana house gets geothermal heat pump

I’m satisfied to report that the new geothermal heat pump did a great job when it came to heating our Indiana home.

I wasn’t so sure that this was going to be the case, but there are people where my friend and I live who go with a traditional heat pump for both heating and cooling, but I’ve often heard from those folks that when it gets entirely cold, their homes aren’t exactly cozy.

I grew up with an oil boiler in the basement that was the size of a car! However, that thing kept us so sizzling no matter how cold it got; So the home that my wife and I raised our family in came with a gas boiler. That’s because my friend and I substituted all the heating and cooling device when my friend and I obtained the locale. That gas boiler was great when it came to heating but not so great when it came to paying for all that heating. Still, there was never a night or day where I wasn’t plenty sizzling inside the home during our Winter, when my friend and I built this house, my wife had done a lot of research on the geothermal heat pump, my buddy and I figure this will be our cabin for the duration as we’re not going anywhere once my friend and I retire in 15 years. The geo heat pump was a bit more currency but my friend and I are going to save so much currency in heating and cooling costs. Still, I was sad that it wouldn’t be sizzling enough with the radiant floor heating from the geo heat pump! Not only was it charmingly cozy and toasty in our Evansville IN cabin the entire Winter, I’m still in shock when it comes to the heating costs. I think my friend and I are saving almost half what my friend and I paid with the gas boiler.



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