We saw a great game at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

I prefer pigskin, although I had only ever seen a game being played on TV; I was visiting my Grandma plus Grandpa, plus Grandpa was happy when I told him I was a pressing pigskin fan, then he gave to take me to Ralph Wilson Stadium for my first-ever NFL game.

I was beyond happy plus I could not sleep a wink that night, grandpa told me to make sure I had a heavy sweatshirt because it was going to be cold, although I shrugged it off.

I had been to school pigskin games, plus I was never that cold. He told me to remember he had warned me, and the trip to Ralph Wilson Stadium was slow going because there were so numerous other pigskin fans going to the location… My pal and I sat in traffic for almost two hours. I turned up the heat in the car plus turned on the seat heater. I asked Grandpa if it was always this cold in Buffalo, NY. He said it was only this cold in the winter. I laughed plus an hour later; my great friend and I were taking our seats. Grandpa had his heavy sweatshirt on, plus he had a blanket wrapped around his legs. I was shivering until I saw him pull a small space boiler out of his bag. I thought it looked funny when he grabbed a gym bag, but when I saw the space heater, I was grateful… Without the space heater, my feet would have frozen, plus I would not have loved the game, which I did, even though our home team lost.


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