A heat pump won’t work in my city

When my central Heating plus Air Conditioning system up and quit on me I did some research, then i wanted both heating and cooling.

I wanted something powerful, energy efficient and that would last a long time.

In my research I found a heat pump; You get both heating and cooling in one single unit. It moves heat energy so it is incredibly efficient. Since it is ductless it can be used for zone control. I was so gleeful to have this system. I called my local Glenview Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation immediately to get my heat pump upgrade, then the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker informed me that they don’t sell heat pumps; Also, I didn’t entirely want a heat pump in my home. He then explained that the heat pump needs existing heat in the air in order to function in the winter. If the hot and cold temperatures drop below chilly, the heat pump is worthless. I was harshly bummed to hear that IL gets too chilly in the winter time that I couldn’t have a heat pump. The Heating plus Air Conditioning worker did point me in the right direction though. He told me to look at dual fuel systems. This combines a heat pump and a gas heater. So when the Glenview winters get severely cold, the gas heating system will operate, but when it gets a little warmer, the heat pump is tagged in. It changes from gas to electric based. I then would have the energy smart heat pump as my AC device. I now just need to find a Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation that will install dual fuel systems.

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