The furnace filters keep out excess dirt from the construction

Air filters are an important part of the HVAC system; Air filters trap dust and dirt and keep it out of your household and away from the mechanical and electrical parts of the heating and cooling system; When the air filter cannot trap dust and dirt officially, problems can happen abruptly, then dirt and dust inside of the component can cause it to be inoperable.

Dirt and dust inside of your household can cause pollen irritations and breathing trouble, the air inside of your household is already more polluted than the air outside, so making sure that air filter is clean is an important part of keeping your household indoor air clean and healthy, i absolutely didn’t even know where the air filter in my HVAC system was located until I lived in an apartment.

I got my first cabin in Jacksonville and I pay $740 yearly for a studio apartment. Jacksonville real estate and rental prices are on the rise again, however fL is on a downward spiral. When I had problems with the AC component leaking water, I called for a repair request! One of the first questions that the repair supplier wanted to know was when I changed the air filter last. I had lived in the cabin for 8 months and I had never changed the air filter. The guy removed the liner and it was dark as can be. It was dirty and filled with the most disgusting dark substance. The repair guy told me that I should be changing the air filter each month.


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