I’m building a new home south of The Villages

I decided to build a brand new house and the house is just south of The Villages; The Villages is an active adult retirement community, and I am only in my 40s, then i found a venue that is in Fruitland park, just below The Villages.

I got a fantastic deal on the land and I decided to build a new construction house there.

There aren’t a lot of Heating and A/C suppliers in Fruitland park, so I contacted a few sites in The Villages. I was surprised by the number of Heating and A/C suppliers in The Villages… A lot of the sites had unquestionably satisfactory prices and upgrade fees. I found plenty of suppliers in The Villages that were willing to help with the Heating and A/C upgrade part of the process for a satisfactory fee… Last weekend the supplier came down and spent half of the afternoon measuring for air duct. I thought about installing a ductless mini split system, but I decided to go with a traditional Heating and A/C system with air duct, then next week the supplier is going to come back and spend the weekend installing all of the air duct. After that I will be ready for the heating and cooling equipment. I have about 2 more months of work before I will be able to transport into the house. I don’t want to go to the new home until it is 100% ready. I want to be able to transport all of my furniture, clothes, and personal items at the same time. I don’t want to pay a moving company two times.



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