Seattle has legal recreational weed laws

My bestie and I were living in Idaho and my fantastic friend and I decided to move to Seattle, Washington, but my sibling was living in Seattle with her girl and they provided to let my bestie and I live with them for 6 months.

My associate and I didn’t have to pay any rent at all! I was really cheerful that my bestie agreed to move to seattle; She has a lot of family back in our hometown and I didn’t suppose that she was ever going to move, one thing that helped to change her mind was the fact that I got busted for having a marijuana joint in my truck.

I got pulled over for making an illegal right turn and the police officer decided to search my car, but she found half of a marijuana joint and a bowl under the seat. I had to spend the night in jail and pay a $500 fine. I reminded my bestie that Seattle, Washington is a location with legal recreational and medical marijuana. My associate and I could move to the city and something like this would never happen, however after that my bestie said that she would agree to the move. I found a task toiling at a marijuana dispensary in seattle. My bestie doesn’t even have to work, because I receive pretty fantastic currency and my fantastic friend and I do not have to pay rent right now, we’re going to start saving for a location of our own, however at this time my fantastic friend and I are trying to relax and find our way around seattle. We’re getting used to the city and that’s going to take some time.

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