I had a nice time in Philadelphia

If the airport shuts down, all flights are canceled, as well as you are trapped in a city you’ve never been before, pray that it’s Philadelphia, and it happened to me not long ago, as well as I wound up having a superb time during a chaotic as well as unexpected delay.

I was on my way up to see some friends in Canada… This was a trip I had been planning for months, so to find out the flight was canceled as well as I was stuck in the airport was a crushing blow to my morale; However, there was simply no way to get out of Philadelphia for at least 24 hours, so I had no choice but to make the best of it.

I was alone, I had nowhere to go as well as nowhere to stay, but on the other hand I was in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly appreciate as well as one of the most historic cities on the planet! It turned out that spending 24 hours sauntering around Philadelphia was a lot more fun than predicted, but especially when I walked by a cannabis dispensary as well as realized that in Philadelphia I didn’t need to have a medical prescription. In Philly I could walk in off the street, present any valid ID card, as well as help myself to any kind of cannabis I wanted, however with a few cannabis edibles in my tummy, the streets of downtown Philadelphia were even more amusing than before! Eventually I made my way back to the Philadelphia airport, as well as continued my journey to the superb honestly white north, but for 24 I had a killer time in Philly.

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