I loved a rainy day at Grand Victoria Casino

My mother is a gambler! I mean, she prefers to go to casinos in addition to even if she has a quarter left in her pocket; she needs to spend it before going home, my buddy and I had a tepid week last week, in addition to it was raining or humid nearly every day.

It was March, but our weather report wasn’t making it look that way.

My mother was tired of being in the house, in addition to so was I, and she talked me into taking her to Elgin, IL, in addition to spending the day at Grand Victoria Casino. It was pouring rain when my great friend and I left, thunder in addition to lightning had me turning on my headlights in the middle of the day. There are nine riverboat casinos in IL, however and it permanently docked the Grand Victoria Casino on the south side of Festival Park. I thought I would be bored when my great friend and I got into the casino, but I was wrong. My buddy and I started out our afternoon by going into the steakhouse/bistro in addition to having a pleasant lunch in addition to then headed over to play some games of chance. Mom was winning, in addition to getting her back home was not an option, and when I realized it was almost breakfasttime, mom told me not to worry. My buddy and I stopped by the deli that was in the grand Victoria Casino in addition to picked up some sandwiches to take home for my partner in addition to dad. S[ending a hot, rainy day in the Grand Victoria Casino with my mom was better than I thought it would be. I was blissful that it was cooling down to a normal temperature of forty by the time my great friend and I got home, but it was still raining, in addition to my great friend and I were ready for some heat.

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