My brother's number one locale was Patuxent Brewing Company.

I don’t know of several people who go visit family on their honeymoon, but my fiance and I did just that, then my friend and I met in university, where he was staying at the dorms and I was residing with my parents.

By the second year, my nice friend and I had fallen in love! He wanted to take me property to get to know his parents, even though I was still taking classes through the summer.

He promised his family my nice friend and I would come to Waldorf, MD for our honeymoon. I wanted to see Baltimore, which wasn’t too far from his family property of Waldorf, MD; While in Waldorf, MD, my fiance wanted to go to Patuxent Brewing Company. He said his father used to work there, and he had a lot of appealing memories of his father, who had passed away right before my nice friend and I got married. My fiance asked if I wanted to go along, even though I wanted to stay property with his mom and sisters. He and his brother headed out while my nice friend and I sat home. I loved his family, and it was nice spending the summer time with them. It wasn’t exactly a honeymoon, but my nice friend and I were enjoying ourselves, then there were several rainy days that kept us all inside, but the warmth of the summer time was nice. When my nice friend and I went to Baltimore, the entire family joined us, but my nice friend and I stayed overnight when they went home. My friend and I planned on doing some sightseeing, but it was pouring and cold. My friend and I stayed in the hotel all afternoon and night, unbelievable in the pleasant heat of their Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C. I suppose we’ll be returning to Waldorf, MD, often.

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