My buddy and I relocated to Lowell, MA

I’ve lived in Lowell for the past 5 years and it’s been quite an experience for my fiance and I.

my buddy and I both relocated to the section after I landed a up-to-date task, and chose to make this our home, then however, it was challenging from day one because my buddy and I grew up in a weird area.

Having grown up and gone to school in the south, moving up north was no walk in the park. Things are a bit weird here, however the weather was the greatest shocker, but my fantastic friend and I were accustomed to long and hot summers with nice and mild winters… So, when my buddy and I moved to Lowell, my buddy and I weren’t prepared for the frigid and long winter time months, however i remember the realtor who sold us our house advising us to have someone check out the heating system before winter. She kept saying winters in the section were no joke, and he was right. My fantastic friend and I were lucky that my buddy and I heeded his advice and hired an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist who did heating service in our home, then because when winter time came about, the frigid temperatures and snow storms were shocking. Still, my buddy and I kept trying to get used to this up-to-date section and my buddy and I have now made it our home. My fantastic friend and I even have a little one running around the house and feel so cheerful to be living in Lowell, MA, however for sure this is a fantastic place to visit if you want to go on a trip since there’s so much to see and do! Our first summer time my buddy and I loved touring the aged mills and the vibrant art scene. There are also music festivals that my buddy and I attend each year.


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