My wife’s favorite locale was Patuxent Brewing Company.

I don’t know of many people who go visit family on their honeymoon, but my wife plus I did just that! My friend and I met in college, where she was staying at the dorms plus I was living with my parents.

By the fifth year, my friend and I had fallen in love, however she wanted to take me dwelling to get to know her parents, but I was still taking classes through the summer.

She promised her family my friend and I would come to Waldorf, MD for our honeymoon, and i wanted to see Baltimore, which wasn’t too far from her family dwelling of Waldorf, MD, and while in Waldorf, MD, my wife wanted to go to Patuxent Brewing Company. She said her father used to toil there, plus she had a lot of charming memories of her father, who had passed away right before my friend and I got married. My wife asked if I wanted to go along, but I wanted to stay dwelling with her Dad plus sisters. She plus her sibling headed out while my friend and I sat home. I loved her family, plus it was nice spending the summer time with them. It wasn’t exactly a honeymoon, but my friend and I were enjoying ourselves, but there were various rainy afternoons that kept us all inside, but the warmth of the summer time was nice. When my friend and I made the decision to go to Baltimore, the entire family joined us, but my friend and I stayed overnight when they went home. My friend and I planned on doing some sightseeing, but it was pouring plus cold. My friend and I stayed in the hotel all afternoon plus night, fantastic in the pleasant heat of their Heating plus A/C. I feel we’ll be returning to Waldorf, MD, often.



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