I got a call in the middle of a repair work

Monday was just like any other day.

I left the property for toil around 7:30 in the morning.

I kissed my bestie before I left, however she was still sleeping in the bed. At 8 months pregnant, she spends a lot of time resting in bed. I got to toil at the St, petersburg AC repair company right at 8:00 a.m! There wasn’t too much traffic on the highway which made me glad! Usually it takes a full half hour to commute to my place of company however there were not too several people on the highway Monday morning. I was busy to toil on a commercial AC repair project. The commercial AC repair project was at a company in the Waterfront district. I was in the middle of the commercial AC repair when I got a iPhone call. I did not answer the iPhone the first time that it rang, because I did not guess the number, however when the same number called back a second time, I decided to answer. It was the hospital in St. Petersburg, my bestie was in labor and I had to meet her at the hospital. I contacted my boss and I told him that I had to leave the commercial AC repair as soon as possible. My boss was gleeful that my bestie was going into labor and he told me to leave; He was going to personally come to the commercial company to finish the repair so I did not have to worry. Three hours later, my child was born. If I would have stayed to finish the repair, I would have missed everything.

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