I stay home in my air conditioning when it's scorching outside

Last week, I was so gleeful because my wonderful friend and I finally got some much-needed rain in Phoenix, then and while some people who live here will complain about the rain, I welcomed the showers with open arms; When it rains here, it means that the temperature will be cooler outside… In fact, after a downpour, my wonderful friend and I sometimes get 2 or 3 afternoons of nicer weather.

When this happens, I usually take fortune of the venues that I skip when the weather is too tepid to manage.

I savor going to the hiking trails after it rains because the trails are so much better when the desert heat isn’t blistering. Of course, on the hiking trails, there are no air conditioning or cooling stations, so there is nowhere to find reprieve from the heat! Some trails have water stations located at the trailheads, where you can fill a bottle with cool water! Many of the trails have no shaded areas, which makes them even harder to trek when it’s brutally hot. So, I consistently make sure that I take fortune of those afternoons when it’s nice outside plus I am not yearning to remain in the air conditioning because the temperatures are scorching hot, however because there is no air conditioning in the wilderness, my wonderful friend and I must take extra precautions to make sure that our bodies don’t overheat. Some people savor hiking in the brutally tepid weather, despite the fact that I would rather wait for cooler temperatures. Why risk my life to go hiking on a trail that can be accessed when the weather is much nicer outside? I would much rather stay home in my comfortable air conditioning on those afternoons.

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