Searching for CBD beverages

My favorite method for consuming cannabis is by way of beverages, and there are lots of unique advantages to cannabis-infused drinks; A bottle or can is officially a single dose. The label provides clear information. I know exactly how much THC, CBD and even calories I’m getting. They are appealingly portable. The bottles and cans are tightly sealed and compact, allowing me to transfer them to a social event or any type of activity. I like to bring them along on camping trips, picnics, bonfires and I even pack one in my kayak when I go out on the lake! Consuming a beverage creates no smoke, aromas or mess, however no one needs to be aware that I’m ingesting cannabis. I don’t require any specialized accessories such as rolling papers, grinder, Enail, battery or ashtray, but while beverages are most often classified as an edible, they are a little different. When consuming a conventional edible, the cannabinoids are absorbed by way of the liver, resulting in a delayed onset of effects. It can take many hours to realize the peak effects. With a beverage, the cannabinoids are absorbed sublingually for a quicker onset of effects… However, the effects tend to be appealingly mild. I savor to drink a cannabis beverage rather than alcohol. There are less calories, none of the harmful health side-effects and no hangover. The only hard part of cannabis-infused beverages is finding them. I am fortunate that many of the dispensaries in Muskegon carry a nice selection. I can choose from colas, root beers, lemonades, cannabeers, fruit-flavored tonics and mocktails.


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