Enrolling into a maintenance plan for the furnace and AC

I moved to Lee’s Summit for a job opportunity a couple of years ago.

Relocating from the northwest, I was a bit concerned about the change in weather.

I was accustomed to moderate year round temperatures. For most of the year, I kept my window open and only relied on the heating or cooling units for a couple of weeks. When I looked up the average year round temperatures in Lee’s Summit, I was shocked by the severe fluctuation. The conditions are regularly in the teens but can also soar into the upper eighties. The area gets snow, plenty of rain, high winds and excessive humidity. I realized that the heating and cooling system were going to be very important to my indoor comfort. I also worried that the cost of keeping a comfortable home was going to have a significant impact on the budget. I purchased a home outfitted with a forced air furnace and air conditioner. The system utilizes ductwork to circulate the conditioned air to and from the various rooms. As soon as I moved in, I started looking around for a well-established HVAC company located in Lee’s Summit. I chose a company with positive customer reviews. They back their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and their technicians are all NATE-certified. I was happy to see that they offer a maintenance plan that includes two inspections per year, priority scheduling, discounts on parts and labor and no extra fees for emergency repairs. A licensed technician comes to the house twice per year to inspect and service the furnace and air conditioner.

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