Happy with dried flower

I know the exact THC percentage, the terpenes and the recommended dosing

I admit that I was a fan of marijuana before it was legalized in New Mexico. I enjoyed smoking dried flower for recreational as well as medicinal purposes. Buying a baggie of weed didn’t allow me to be particular. I had no idea of the potency of the strain. I couldn’t demand specific terpenes or complain over an abundance of seeds and sticks. I am delighted that recreational cannabis is now legal. All I need to do is show my government-issued identification proving I’m over 21 and I can shop at any of the dispensaries across the state. Living in Albuquerque provides access to multiple dispensaries. I have shopped at each and every one within a reasonable driving distance from my home. I checked out their selection of smokable flower and was always impressed. The dispensaries all tend to carry the more popular brands, but they also offer lesser-known, smaller and innovative producers that are worth trying. I have been super impressed by the quality of the cannabis. There has been no sign of mold, webs, old weed or prematurely harvested buds. The flower is always dense, mature and fragrant. The vivid green color, bright orange pistils, ideal texture and coating of trichomes ensures that it was lovingly cultivated and properly processed. The weed is pesticide-free, organically grown and lab-tested. I can be sure of safety. It’s also properly packaged and labeled, providing helpful information. I know the exact THC percentage, the terpenes and the recommended dosing. The integrity of the cannabis delivers a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience. I can choose the desired effects and expect a wonderfully smooth burn.


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