My plane stopped in Las Vegas, lucky me!

I was flying across the country for a funeral.

I don’t like air travel in general, and when it’s for such a grim and solemn event I like it even less.

It was no surprise that Grandma had kicked the bucket, because she was over 95 years old. It’s never a surprise when a 90-year-old dies, is it? To make it worse, my flight had two layovers in different cities. On the first layover, I was surprised to hear that the next leg of the flight was canceled. For at least the next 24 hours I was stuck at the airport! I must say, I’m glad this happened in Las Vegas. I was upset that I had to miss the funeral, but on the other hand kicking around downtown Las Vegas sounded like a lot more fun than a funeral! I took a cab to the famous Las Vegas strip, just to stretch my legs and have a look at all the lights. I was a little surprised to see a cannabis dispensary, and more surprised to see another one across the street. It turns out that cannabis is legal in Las Vegas, and there are dozens of legal shops that sell it. I popped inside and bought a locally grown cannabis sativa strain called Las Vegas Legends, and after that I was legendarily stoned! I had so much fun that night in Las Vegas I didn’t want to go back to the airport! The next time I go back to Las Vegas I will try their gambling, to see if it’s as good as the weed.



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