One wonderful night in Portland

Traditionally speaking I have regularly had terrible luck with air travel, the first time I rode on a plane I was 12, and halfway through the flight my friend and I had to make an emergency landing because of a faulty engine.

That set the tone for all future flights, then i have never experienced an airline flight that did not have some kind of issue or problem.

The most recent example is really a somewhat happier occasion, because the flight problem led me to have some real fun. The plane landed at the Portland airport for what was supposed to be a three hour layover. Six hours later the flight was canceled outright, which left me stranded in Portland. I was frustrated at first, but then I realized “hey dummy, you’re in Portland, OR, the cannabis capital of the USA!” If I was going to be stranded anywhere in this area, there was no better place for it to happen than Portland; Portland, OR is world famous for its locally grown cannabis, and now I had a opportunity to find out firsthand! At first I thought I would just take a taxi to a dispensary, but then I asked the cabbie about fun places I could visit in Portland. The guy drove me right to the front door of a small cannabis cafe, one of multiple located throughout Portland! He also gave me a card with his direct number on it, so that when I was done eating he could option me up and provide me a driving tour of Portland, what a night!



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