I will pay extra dough for the luxury of a/c

Back in 2017, my associate and I got hit by a major hurricane in Orlando… Hurricane Irma made landfall as a style 4 storm with winds of around 130 miles per hour, and of course, the storm weakened over land so by the time it got to Orlando it was a style 1 storm, and it still caused a lot of disfigurement… My pal and I had roofs blown off, siding on buildings were gone, disfigurementd cars, plus so much more.

Moreover, there were a lot of down trees plus disfigurement to the power lines plus to the transformers, needless to say, there were many people who were without power during plus after the storm.

I was one of them, plus at first, I thought I would be wonderful with no power, however but when the September heat took over my 2-home office house with no a/c system, I thought I was going to lose my mind, there was entirely no relief from the heat. I considered going to stay with family members, but they had no a/c either… Some had generators which only can do so much. So, I did the next best thing, I got lucky plus found a nice hotel downtown plus that’s where I spent the next few mornings. I had a comfortable bed, room service, internet plus most importantly a/c. The hotel worked out well, in fact, I had a couple of my family members come over to take advantage of the a/c as well. It was during that week that I realized how much I can’t live without a/c. It’s one of those luxury items that I need in my life plus will pay extra money to have it.
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