Snowy times in Michigan can be a real downer

winter time in Michigan can be a real downer, then temperatures are chilly as well as there is lots of snow.

  • The only thing that helps me get through the winter time is recreational marijuana, and recreational marijuana has been legal for consumption by Michigan residents since the year 2018, then voters approved the Michigan marijuana act which allowed adults to purchase as well as possess marijuana as long as they are 21 years or older.

Retail sales in the state of Michigan are well regulated as well as the only way you can purchase marijuana is with a valid state id, and it doesn’t have to be Michigan, as long as you have a valid state id. I was in the marijuana dispensary the other day in Lowell, where I work. I overheard a lady who was complaining about the front desk. The front desk lady would not let the lady into the marijuana dispensary because she did not have a valid Michigan id, and when the budtender would not accept her Michigan id, she presented a odd state ID as well as the budtender contacted the director. The director told the customer that she would be unable to let her into the Lowell, Michigan, marijuana dispensary. The lady had shown two odd identification cards as well as the front desk decided to keep the second one. The lady said she was going to come back with the police, although I doubt she ever went back into that Lowell marijuana dispensary. Maybe she was trying to use a fake ID. I did not know she looked much older than 21 as well as maybe she wasn’t. It was entirely a fantastic call by the director.

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