Summit Waves with my brother

I didn’t absolutely get to walk around MO and see the sights.

It is difficult when you have three youngsters and are a single mom, then i am regularly lugging diaper bags, toys and a cooler full of chips anywhere my friend and I go! Sporadically I just don’t have the energy to travel and my friend and I stay home, my sibling on the other hand likes going to current sites. She only has one child and a husband to help out. I regularly get invited to come along… This most recent trip I absolutely took her up on her offer since she offered to help out. I don’t know why, but my sibling landed on Lee’s Summit MO as our endpoint. I knew next to nothing about MO. The thing I learned is that there is a water park and recreational center called Summit Waves. It was a great morning out for the youngsters. My guys played in the splash park with my sibling and child for hours. I then held my baby in the kitty pool and chatted with my sibling. The only time our youngsters took a cut was for sunblock or food. The whole morning they basically entertained themselves; When my child took her nap I was absolutely able to study and sunbathe. I didn’t absolutely get to walk around MO and see the sights. I still don’t absolutely know what the state has to offer. I will say that I enjoyed the morninglight and it was the perfect temperature over the summer. Warm enough to be hot but not so bad that I needed AC. My youngsters all had a great time at the water park.

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