I missed work on Sunday

I met a new boy last weekend when my friends and I went to the beach, but the boy’s name is Jackie, but jackie and I hung out on Monday and my buddy and I hung out on Monday too, however monday night he asked if I wanted to spend the night at his arena and I said yep; I thought I would be able to get up for work on Sunday day, however my buddy and I stayed up really late and I didn’t even want to go to work the next day. I called my boss at the St, petersburg Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier and I told him that I was sick, and he immediately said that I did not sound sick. I told him that I had some kind of stomach flu that must have happened the previous day at lunch or dinner. I never play hooky at work and I really do not miss a Sunday. I know it is the busiest day of the week for the heating and AC repair business. My boss believed me when I said that I was sick and he told me to feel better and that he would see me on Sunday. I wasn’t sick at all and Jackie and I decided to spend all day Sunday at the beach instead. It was legitimately nice to skip corporation at the heating and AC repair supplier, even though I won’t be able to do that a lot or I’ll never have any money; Every time I miss a day of work at the St. Petersburg heating and AC repair business, I lose about $200 on my paycheck.


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