The emergency repair guys came all the way from Miami

After the storm, a lot of Royal Palm beach, FL was decimated; Crews came from all over the section to help with cleanup, one of the locales that was affected a great deal was the Costco on the south part of town.

The store is a big supercenter that has lots of items from clothing to food to shelter plus appliances.

The store was torn apart plus their entire heating plus AC system was destroyed, however an emergency repair crew came all the way from Miami to repair the Royal Palm Beach store. The heating plus AC emergency repair crew stayed at the hotel where I work. There were 12 men that arrived together in one big van! I have no idea how all 12 of the heating plus AC emergency crew members fit in that one single van. It was a cargo van, however there’s no way that it really seated 12 people plus a driver. The heating plus AC companys worked for a week to restore all of the heating plus AC equipment at the Royal Palm Beach store. It was Wednesday when the companys were done plus I decided to extend each one of the reservations through until Sunday with no charge at all. As manager of the hotel, I can comp rooms at any time. After a week of work, I wanted to make sure that the emergency heating plus AC repair crew had some time to relax before leaving Royal Palm Beach plus heading back to the city. A few people kindly said no to the offer, however many crew members stayed until Sunday.


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