A good inspection covers all parts of your AC and heat pump

I pride myself on being one of the top heating and AC repair providers in all of Phoenix, AZ, then i have been in supplier for the past 25 years.

I offer a variety of services on heating equipment, air conditioning systems, ventilation and HVAC duct, and air purification systems and air filtration systems! My Phoenix Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier offers repairs, repair, updatements, and new system upgrades, then you can even buy your own unit and my buddy and I will install it for you… One of our top services at the Phoenix Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier is our tune-up service.

Our tune-up repair is a thorough inspection that covers all of the parts of your AC and heat pump. The best time to have the tune-up repair performed is before the Summer months begin. Our Winters are always mild and not very cold, then summer’s on the other hand are a time to have the top rated and most energy efficient air conditioning system. Summer in Phoenix is relatively hot with temperatures over 100°, most afternoons; When your heat pump has been cleaned and thoroughly inspected, you can rest assured knowing that it is going to work all Summer long. Our 35 point inspection includes all of the parts of the AC and the heat pump. My associate and I guarantee no concerns will come up during the summer. My associate and I offer a joy guarantee with every repair or updatement. I want to make sure that you continue to use the same Phoenix Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier long after I am no longer the owner of the corporation. Someday I hope that one of my children will grow up and want to take over the family business.



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