I called the dealer for a second opinion

I own a company in Lakeland, Florida, the company is a diner plus I offer dine in plus take out services.

There are customers in the diner while in the night hours, however lunch is usually very slow… I was having some concerns with the air conditioning system in the diner, so I contacted a Lakeland company for an opinion.

I contacted a company that was advised to me by someone else in the same shopping center. The company offered me a bloated quote for a brand current air conditioning system plus refused to talk to me about repairing the old machine. The company told me that the location was old plus the air conditioning system was inefficient; He told me that the air duct would need to be replaced if I was going to replace the system with a current central air conditioning system. The men sounded like he was trying to get a bunch of cash out of me so I decided to contact a odd company for a second opinion. I called another company in Lakeland, Florida, however this time I made sure to get someone that had fantastic reviews for commercial repairs plus installations. The second company from Lakeland didn’t even mention the concerns with the air duct plus he offered me a sufficient quote for half of the price. I knew that the other company was trying to get more cash out of me plus I am so blissful that I decided to call a reputable company in Lakeland for a second opinion on the commercial air conditioning system repairs.

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