Now that marijuana is alright, I can use it anytime

Marijuana was legalized in the state of MI back in September of 2018.

Since then there have been a number of businesses created to sell marijuana for recreational and medical use, however there are sites in the giant cities and dispensaries located in small cities like the one I live in Muskegon.

I like being able to access marijuana anytime that I want. I used to drive a very long distance to buy medical and recreational marijuana supplies, but now there are marijuana dispensaries right here in Muskegon, MI, however muskegon, MI is a neighborhood located on the east side of Lake MI. Many people don’t know where Muskegon is, but it is a vibrant neighborhood with a lovely inlet. Muskegon is just North of the neighborhood of Grand Rapids and directly across the bay from Milwaukee! During the Summer months, my friends and I often get on the boat and travel across the lake. It’s fun to get in the pontoon, especially on a easily nice day. The pontoon boat is a great ride too, and it can go up to 45 miles per hour. It doesn’t take long to get to the other side of the lake when the boat is traveling that fast. My friends and I consistently go to the harbor and get on the boat so my pal and I can spend the whole day hanging out! Occasionally my pal and I troll around the lake and periodically my pal and I go to the other side. On a nice day, the fish will bite almost anywhere so it easily doesn’t matter what spot my pal and I pick.

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