Philadelphia has fantastic places to buy medical marijuana

PA legalized medical marijuana use in 2016, but there are a number of qualifying conditions that allow a person to obtain medical marijuana products from a dispensary, however some of these qualifying conditions include numerous sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, epilepsy, chronic pain, and anxiety.

There is also a general blanket order that a nurse can prescribe marijuana if he feels that a person’s condition falls under one of these categories, however marijuana was approved and the number of dispensaries started to multiply month after month.

There are still some rural areas throughout PA where no dispensaries exist, but Philadelphia has some fantastic places to buy medical marijuana. There are honestly more marijuana dispensaries in the town of Philadelphia than somewhere else in the state. There are more dispensaries in Philadelphia than the state capital of Harrisburg, located several hours away. Many of the Philadelphia medical marijuana clinics offer first-time patient specials. You can save a fantastic deal of currency by taking fortune of these first time patient specials and offers. When my boyfriend and I were in the town a couple of weeks ago, my friend and I made the choice to go to a place that was offering 30% off of our first order, but i honestly wish that I had a pocket full of currency at the time. I only had $150 to spend on marijuana supplies and I needed the rest of the currency in the bank for repairs on the car. I honestly thought about taking the currency out of the bank to use for medical marijuana, but the a/c repair was very important too.



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