We took the girls to the neighborhood for the afternoon

My partner & I both work during the afternoon & the youngsters are with her parents when they get apartment from college, then her parents live in the guest condo on our apartment in Orland Park, IL! My associate and I have one of the only houses in the town that has a guest condo on the property.

Orland Park is a great site to live & there are easily good colleges in the town.

My partner & I unique ly chose our condo because of the college districts in the town, and when it is the weekend, we try to spend time with the youngsters. My associate and I rarely see them at all throughout the week except for an hour before bedtime & supper! Last weekend, we decided to take the youngsters to the neighborhood for the afternoon. My associate and I went to the museum & we saw a ball game too. When we got back to Orland Park, we found a immense problem in the house, there was no air conditioning coming out of the vents & it was actually sizzling & humid inside of the building, and i looked for the temperature control & the indoor temperature was 69°. The cooling system was not running & it should have been. I turned the temperature on the device down to 65°, & the cooling system still refused to work. My associate and I had no option except to contact an Orland Park air conditioning repair business. My associate and I were fortunate to find many suppliers nearby with 24-hour emergency services. My associate and I had a repair specialist dispatched in less than an hour. The problem turned out to be an issue with the temperature control & not the cooling system.

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