Should I shoot a web series about Denver cannabis?

I suppose starting a Youtube channel on this subject would be a hit

Denver is an amazing city, as well as in general is honestly supportive of the creative arts… In fact, the town has a special office set up just to deal with producers who want to shoot projects here. In other words, Denver wants people to make their films as well as TV shows here; They do everything they can to attract Hollywood talent to use the Mile High City as a shooting location. In the last few years many prominent TV shows have done filming in the downtown area, and even though I don’t have enough money to make a motion picture, I still applied for the filming permit at the Denver town hall offices. It only cost $50 to apply! Here is my idea, as well as I actually want to know if you all suppose this will labor – a web series of interviews with customers as well as employees of Denver cannabis dispensaries. I suppose we all know that Denver leads the nation when it comes to cannabis, as well as we have for over a decade, but denver was one of the first arenas to “legalize it” as Bob Marley used to say, however all across America when people suppose of cannabis, Denver is one of the first cities that comes to mind. I suppose starting a Youtube channel on this subject would be a hit. I could do tours of the oldest Denver cannabis shops, interview colorful customers as well as maybe even talk to local pot farmers, with this permit I could shoot footage around Denver as well as it won’t cost me anything but my time. Do you suppose I should try doing it?
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