Don't spend all Summer without the greatest cooling

Last Summer I was entirely miserable inside of the house; Usually in Evansville, IN, uneven temperatures aren’t almost 100°! Last Summer it was close to there as well as I felt like I was roasting alive inside of my house, but temperatures were entirely terrible three or four days in a row, however on the sixth day, I tried to turn the temperature on the air conditioner down to 75° as well as that caused ice to form on the evaporator coils.

Luckily, I found out that I did not have to call anyone to repair the problem.

I looked online for helpful troubleshooting tips as well as there was lots of information about ice on the evaporator coils. Most of the tips as well as troubleshooting information told me to wait until everything was thawed out as well as a couple of people even advised using a hair dryer. I decided to let the system thaw out on its own as well as a puddle of water was underneath the air conditioner when it was done. Several days later, there was another problem with the air conditioner. I decided not to call the service provider until the sixth time the air conditioner broke down, and even after I waited for the ice to go away, the air conditioner still would not put out chilly air. I contacted the Evansville cooling corporation to schedule a repair. I was excited to hear that they have services until 8:00 p.m. Sunday through Monday as well as I did not have to pay any service fees that were extra even though it was nearly 7:00 at night when I finally called.

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