The Summers are mild in Buffalo & at times, I skip using my air conditioner

One of my favorite things I enjoy doing in Buffalo is to go to RiverWorks… It’s a large entertainment venue that is located along the Buffalo River.

It has bars, eating establishments, rock climbing, skating rink, Ferris wheel, live concerts, & so much more.

It’s a enjoyable spot to spend the evening because there is so much to do, and most people cherish this venue because it’s mostly outdoors & they also cherish the views of the river. Personally, I cherish the venue because it’s the one place in neighborhood where I can sit outside & cherish the appealing scenery in addition to the fun atmosphere, but there is no air conditioner at RiverWorks, so if the day is too hot it could be a concern for some people, then luckily, the Summers here in Buffalo are usually mild with the average temperature hovering around 80 degrees. In fact, the weather is so mild that I skip using my air conditioner on some afternoons, and our Winters are so brutal, so I don’t mind the mild Summer weather. I take luck of the weather by going to as many outdoor venues as possible. Of course, during the colder months, these outdoor venues aren’t as comfortable due to the brutal weather, but the enjoyable news is, many of them have many heating lamps to give some level of comfort to their buyers. Personally, I don’t frequent these places during the winter time months. I’d rather just wait until the weather gets nicer so that I can cherish the full experience… And even for the places that don’t have air conditioner, I can still cherish them because the weather would be so mild outside.

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