We took the kids to the city for the day

My wife and I both work during the day and the kids are with her parents when they get home from school.

  • Her parents live in the guest house on our property in Orland Park, Illinois.

We have one of the only houses in the neighborhood that has a guest house on the property. Orland Park is a great place to live and there are really good schools in the neighborhood. My wife and I specifically chose our house because of the school districts in the neighborhood. When it is the weekend, we try to spend time with the kids. We rarely see them at all throughout the week except for an hour before bedtime and dinner. Last weekend, we decided to take the kids to the city for the day. We went to the museum and we saw a ball game too. When we got back to Orland Park, we found a huge problem in the house. There was no air conditioning coming out of the vents and it was very hot and humid inside of the building. I looked for the thermostat and the indoor temperature was 82°. The air conditioner was not running and it should have been. I turned the temperature on the machine down to 65°, and the air conditioner still refused to work. We had no choice except to contact an Orland Park air conditioning repair business. We were lucky to find several businesses nearby with 24-hour emergency services. We had a repair technician dispatched in less than an hour. The problem turned out to be an issue with the thermostat and not the air conditioner.

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