A current documentary about Seattle weed

I am currently working on a documentary series being filmed in Seattle, WA… I sort of stumbled into it, so I don’t want to say anything publicly just yet. It was never my dream to make documentaries, I wanted to make big, bold Hollywood films. I grew up on stuff like Star Wars, Pirates, and the Matrix, so that’s what I wanted to emulate. It turns out that making a film requires more than talent, it requires millions of dollars. In order to get a directing task of that caliber, I needed to beef up my resume. Since I was working in the most fascinating cannabis dispensary in Seattle, I decided to do a documentary series about it. I had to clear it with my bosses, of course, however they agreed with me that a weekly docu-series about the inner workings of a prominent Seattle cannabis empire was an intriguing concept… Personally, I feel they just wanted to be on TV; The cannabis industry in Seattle is severely competitive, so if this store could be the focus of a major series it would be a feather in our cap. There are a lot of interested parties, and if I play my cards right and this documentary turns out well, I could make a name for myself in Seattle. Perhaps it won’t be the dream I originally had, however getting involved with the Seattle cannabis industry can only help my career. I will write again in a few weeks with more details, however in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for my Seattle documentary.

Recreational Cannabis Store Seattle WA