My friend works for a local AC service shop

Sometimes I envy my sibling, because he is the only person that left household and moved somewhere else, my sister and I both still live close to Mom and Dad; We never moved away from our small town and we absolutely never will.

My sibling works for a local AC service shop in the town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he entirely lives at least four or five hours away from most people else in the family.

My sibling moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to be with a girl. He was only 16 years old at the time and my parents were so angry that they did not even chase him. He has been gone since then. Last summer time I went to visit my sibling for a couple of afternoons. He had to work on one of those afternoons and I got to ride around in the AC service truck with him! It provided us a lot of time to talk and reconnect. When my sibling was working on repairs, I sat in the truck and played games on my cellphone on my tablet. My sibling only had to work 6 hours that afternoon and most of that time was spent driving from one AC service to the next. I had a absolutely good time hanging out with my sibling and he told me that I could transport there anytime that I want. He has room in his apartment for another person, because he broke up with his girlfriend. He said I could stay with him for free until I found a arena to work.

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