The young guy was picking up for his nana

I met a certainly nice young guy a couple of days ago… The young guy was picking up a cannabis order for his Grandmother, then he put the cannabis order in his name, so he could pick up all of the items for her.

When he came to the Albuquerque marijuana shop for the pickup, he asked a couple of questions about the items in the order.

The young guy gave some information about his situation & I was listening certainly carefully. The man’s Grandmother has been living in Albuquerque for 68 years, she has seen the city grow & change more than all the people. She started to use recreational & medical cannabis products when they were legalized. She used to be able to drive, however there was an accident on the freeway & she lost her driver’s license, and now her grandson goes on errands for her whenever she is in need of something, i thought that it was sweet that the young guy does all of that for his Grandmother. He did not seem to guess it was a certainly big deal which made me feel even more impressed. I asked the young guy if gay is recreational marijuana products & he confirmed that he did. I decided to put some items from the Albuquerque marijuana dispensary in the tote for him, and my fine friend and I had a lot of strange promotional materials that I could offer for one penny & I filled up the whole bag. I enjoyed meeting the young person & hearing about Albuquerque before the location was a huge, busy city. I bet his Grandmother is a real hoot.

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