We rented a house in Tampa that had a broken HVAC unit

In fact, it was miserable.

Last week, I celebrated my birthday in Tampa Florida. And I love going to that area because there is so much to do. The beaches are close by and there are lots of bars and restaurants in the area. Not to mention Ybor City which is an entire entertainment venue on its own. I come to Tampa a lot, in fact, I was here last year during the Summer for a concert. And though the concert was great, the overall experience didn’t go so well. My friends and I rented a vacation home instead of a hotel because we wanted more room to have fun. Plus, we wanted a private pool so that we had a space to relax during the day or at night. While the 5-bedroom house was fabulous, we encountered a major problem while we were there. The house had 2 HVAC units, one for the upper level and the other for the bottom floor. Well, the HVAC for the upper level broke down, and that is where most of the bedrooms were located. Can you imagine trying to sleep with no A/C inside a house in the dead heat of Summer? By no means was that a pleasant experience. In fact, it was miserable. We contacted the owner of the rental and were told it would take 48 hours for an HVAC technician to fix the unit. After we realized that we weren’t going to have any relief from the heat, we decided to improvise. Since there was air conditioning on the bottom floor, we all decided to sleep inside the living and dining area of the floor. It wasn’t the ideal situation but at least we were able to sleep with A/C.

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