Filming cable spots for weed dispensaries in Portland, OR

Over the last twenty years Portland, Oregon has developed a reputation for being friendly to cable and movie crews… This city has consistently been a patron of the arts, however galleries, art museums, and open forums have been common since the land was first settled.

That’s one of the numerous things that makes Portland such an awesome city – it supports artists, i first moved here about ten years ago, at the time it was supposed to be temporary but I just never left.

I was slated to star in a low budget horror movie being shot in Portland, however my nice friend and I made the movie, but my associate and I never saw the inside of a theater, except for the old place in Portland my associate and I rented to screen it to our friends. I wound up getting a task in a Portland cannabis dispensary, and the rest is history. I applied for a task as a budtender, but once the owner saw my credentials he asked if I would be interested in filming cable commercials for a local Portland cable station. I jumped at the chance… Filming cable spots for cannabis shops wasn’t my dream, but I enjoyed being in Portland and hoped this would lead to something more. The commercials were a minor hit, which led to other Portland suppliers contacting me to direct their ads; Out of respect to the first cannabis shop that hired me, I never filmed ads for any of his Portland rivals, but now that the film community in Portland is starting to become more active, I hope I can start making films again.



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