I felt like the cop was trying to be a jerk

Albuquerque is a town with legal recreational marijuana laws! As long as you aren’t being rude or discourteous, most of the police officers do not say anything if you are smoking marijuana in public! I’ve never had any issues until recently, when my friends and I were at a concert in Albuquerque! There was a cop outside of the location and he saw my friends and I smoking marijuana in our vehicle.

My associate and I undoubtedly were not chopping any laws and my friend and I were not driving anywhere either.

The officer came to speak with us and he searched the vehicle after seeing us with marijuana. I felt like that Albuquerque police officer was trying to be a jerk, then he did not seem interested in hearing about the concert or the rock and roll site. The officer was going to take us into the station until another guy pulled up and took the guy away. The other officer told us that my friend and I could go and he gave us a ticket for unlawfully smoking marijuana in a public location. It is terribly silly when the rules are so arbitrary. If the officer would not have come up there, my friends and I might have gone to jail. The rules should be the same for everyone. If it’s no sizable deal to one cop, then it should not be a sizable deal to any of the other officers on duty in the town of Albuquerque, but with legalization starting everywhere around the country from the east to the west coast, it won’t be long before other cities in the southwest legalize marijuana too.


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