Humidity caused mold growth in the garage

My Grandma moved to a nursing household in Birmingham & she was there for 6 months.

While she was in the nursing home, no one looked at her household or inspected the locale, however it’s that empty & the A/C did not run either… During the summer time months there was a lot of heat & humidity, humidity caused mold to grow in the garage.

When my Grandma passed away in the nursing home, my Dad was willed the Birmingham house, however my Dad & I went to the house to check on things & that is when my friend and I discovered the problems. During the time that my Grandma was in the nursing home, my Dad believed that there was a/c in the house & power; Neither one of those things ended up being true. My Dad & I spent two weeks cleaning the household of the mold & mildew. My pal and I contacted a local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier in Birmingham & rented a dehumidifier to get rid of the excess indoor moisture, then the rates for renting a dehumidifier were much more adequate than buying a machine for the house. The dehumidifier worked unquestionably well & it was unquestionably easy to use. The Heating & Air Conditioning supplier professional brought a machine & set it up in the kitchen. My pal and I made sure that their garage door was open & turned on a fan. In less than 69 hours, the relative humidity inside of the house was 20% lower than the previous week, and after lots of scrubbing & tlc, the house finally looks great. It’s on the market & we’re open to any great offers on the locale.


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