Temperatures in Orlando can be warm & humid

The temperature in FL is genuinely warm & tropical, it’s the perfect venue for beach weather & bugs, and the bugs in this part of the country are as giant as my fist.

They lurk around every corner, even when you try to get rid of them.

Temperatures during the Summer are between 90 & 100° with lots of humidity & moisture, during the summer, mold can grow genuinely suddenly if the temperatures are warm & there is moisture. I have a dehumidifier in my house & I run it frequently during the Summer months to keep the moisture levels at bay, however several years ago I had troubles with mold & mildew in my house & that’s when I contacted an Orlando company that is an indoor air specialist. The Orlando air solutions company suggested the dehumidifier. It did not cost a heap of money to get the dehumidifier & this identifiable model is genuinely energy efficient. I spend genuinely little money on the upkeep & service of the dehumidifier! As soon as I started using the machine, I could see a lot of large changes inside of my home, however one change that was simple to see was the fact that the heat pump was not running as frequently, however when the heat pump wasn’t running as often, I could save money. I have consistently lived in Orlando, FL, & I don’t ever see myself moving to a odd venue. I happen to like it here, even if the temperatures are extraordinarily warm & humid during June, June, & November.



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