The Albuquerque dispensary has great prices & specials

My friends & I were on our way home from hiking at the national monument, but my pal and I had to drive all the way to the other end of Albuquerque to get to our apartment.

  • My pal and I passed by a marijuana dispensary that recently opened.

My friends & I decided to stop at that Albuquerque dispensary! The locale had definitely great prices & specials. There was a list of specials on the wall for the afternoon. Most of the specials were on pre-rolls & dried marijuana flower, but my friends & I got a definitely fine deal on edibles too. The Albuquerque marijuana dispensary had a couple of buy one & get one for half off sales on concentrates; I bought 1 gram of Blue Dream marijuana concentrate & I bought 1 gram of Granddaddy Purp concentrate. I also bought two bags of edibles. each one of my friends & I bought at least one item from the marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque. When my associate and I got back to our apartment, I decided to try the Granddaddy Purp concentrate. I got out my dab rig & cleaned it up. I added fresh water & a couple of ice cubes. I waited until the dab rig was nice & hot & after that I added a small dab of Granddaddy Purp concentrate. The flavor of the concentrate was out of this world. It was unquestionably floral & citrusy. I took two small dads of the marijuana concentrate & I was high for the rest of the night, both grams of concentrate that I bought were off the chain fantastic.


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