Beverly Hills shops are more upscale and expensive

Beverly Hills is one of the most upscale and Wealthy parts of Los Angeles county.

Beverly Hills is known for expensive homes, high-end shopping, and lots of celebrity sightings.

Beverly Hills has famous landmarks, attractions, and people. One of the coolest places in Beverly Hills is Greystone mansion. This large and magnificent Mansion is known for architecture and gardening. Visitors can explore the grounds and take a guided tour of the estate. The Beverly Wilshire Hotel is a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo drive. It is not only known for its elegance and wonderful service, but it is also known for being featured in the movie Pretty Woman. A lot of people visit the Beverly Wilshire Hotel just to take a picture of the elevator where Julia Roberts the movie. One of the other things in Beverly Hills that I like are all of the marijuana shops. Beverly Hills shops are expensive and upscale and that would include the marijuana shops. Marijuana shops in Beverly Hills have items that you won’t find anywhere else. These shops are owned by celebrities and famous music moguls. It’s not uncommon to see celebrities shopping around in Beverly Hills and that includes in the marijuana shops. A few months ago I was in Beverly Hills and I saw Jonah Hill coming out of a marijuana dispensary. I wanted to walk up to the guy and say hi, but I was too nervous and scared. I watched from the other side of the street and took a few pictures of the guy and his dog.

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