It did not take long for the delivery driver to arrive

My friends plus I decided to order marijuana from a dispensary located in Denver, my associate and I live about 30 minutes outside of the city, however the marijuana dispensary constantly delivers to our address.

My friends plus I were having a party.

My neighbor was supposed to option up supplies from the marijuana dispensary nearby, although he did not get off work until it was late plus by then he did not even want to come over for the party… I decided to contact a marijuana dispensary in Denver that offers free delivery, and the Denver marijuana dispensary originally said that our order would be there by 9:15. 9:15 came plus went plus so did 9:30, but when it was 15 minutes until 10:00 p.m., I decided to call the marijuana shop directly. I could not get anyone on the iphone, so I started calling the number that texted me. The telephone number turned out to be the personal number of a delivery driver, however once the delivery driver realized that I wanted my items, he doubled back to the address plus brought all of the marijuana supplies that my friends plus I ordered, after I contacted the shop, it actually did not take that long for my friends plus I to gain our supplies. It’s almost as if the marijuana delivery driver in Denver was right around the corner when my friend and I called. My associate and I tipped the guy really well, because my friend and I actually did not suppose anyone was ever going to come. I thought they forgot our order or delivered the marijuana products to the wrong address.


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