Problems with delivery happen from time to time

From time to time, complications with delivery will happen, i have had lots of complications with the pizza shop and the local Italian pizzeria.

I have also had complications with the Chinese food locale across the street, no one can be perfect 100% of the time, especially when computers are involved; There was a big problem on Tuesday when I ordered from the Philadelphia medical marijuana clinic.

The medical marijuana clinic is about 15 minutes away from my home and the locale delivers to my front door when the same morning results. It’s super easy to order online and I can browse the menu for as long as I want without having to feel like I have to rush because there is a line of people behind me. I ordered a couple of peculiar products from the Philadelphia marijuana shop. The locale was having a special that was 20% off. I got several peculiar edibles and a couple of fourths of marijuana, then one was a sativa called Blue Dream and one was an Indica called granddaddy purple. I had my eye on Gorilla Glue as well, however the marijuana shop only had top shelf Gorilla Glue and it was a little overpriced. I entirely needed to stick to the cheaper products if I was going to buy edibles along with the fourths of marijuana. I put my address into the system and everything looked superb when I received the order confirmation. The driver went to a peculiar address because the computer in the store printed out the room ticket. The delivery took an extra hour, however the supervisor of the Philadelphia dispensary made everything right.

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