I moved to Tuscaloosa to become a wrestler

When I turned 18 I told my parents I was leaving neighborhood and moving to Tuscaloosa to become a pro wrestler! They both laughed uproariously at me, and then wished me luck, but i have been obsessed with pro wrestling all my life, and for fantastic reason – AL is traditionally a hotbed for wrestling shows, and classic performers. I grew up watching guys like Bobby Eaton, John Tatum, Mooncat Rex, and Dennis Condry tear down the apartment in places like the Tuscaloosa colosseum, and now that I was outdated enough, I wanted to try my hand at it, so Tuscaloosa seemed like the best place to go, and first I found a wrestling school, run by Bob Owens, then I found a task in an Heating & Air Conditioning wareapartment lifting heavy component all day. This was entirely the best of both worlds, because spending a day in a hot, humid Tuscaloosa wareapartment is better than hitting the gym, but between the Heating & Air Conditioning wareapartment and the wrestling ring, I cut a lot of weight and entirely got into good physical condition… At the end of the day, it came down to money. It turns out the Heating & Air Conditioning company who owned the wareapartment liked my work ethic, and gave me a full time position in his Tuskaloosa offices. Taking that task would mean no more extra time for training to be a wrestler, but if I want to live in Tuscaloosa for good, then I need to find a legit task. I feel I will take the task in the Tuscaloosa offices, and keep training in the ring on weekends.