I needed someone that night to help with the AC complications

My partner plus I took our kids to Tampa for the weekend, and my associate and I stayed in a condominium that was close to the water! I found the condominium on one of those vacation rental websites, then the locale was nicer than the pictures plus I was actually delighted that my friend and I found such a unbelievable deal on a Tampa Bay rental. The first night that my friend and I were there, complications with the AC component occurred in the middle of the night. My partner plus I called the person that was in charge of our rental however no one answered the cellphone. The kids were irritated plus it was about 90° inside of the condo. My associate and I could not open up the doors or the windows because there were not any screens. My associate and I didn’t want to let the bugs inside of the house. My partner plus I decided to contact a Tampa emergency service service. My associate and I plan to charge the bill to the proprietor plus vacation rental owner. My associate and I only waited about an hour before a service serviceman arrived to investigate the complications inside of the condo. The service serviceman seemed to know our system legitimately well. The guy must have been there once or twice in the past, however when my partner plus I got a hold of the vacation homeowner in the morning, he tried to argue with us about paying the bill. My partner threatened to take the guy to small claims court if he wasn’t going to handle the complications that occurred the previous night. My associate and I tried to call several times plus no one answered the cellphone when my friend and I had a temperature emergency.